> Comforter Art-Action at Sew City, Glenbow Museum


Does a pile of beautiful, handmade blankets signify social wealth? What does it display and conceal?

I was working on these questions during the talk "Princess City" that followed the sewing circles that were part of Sew City at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary (May 23-24, 2009). The sewing circles had produced twenty beautiful knotted blankets and had involved participants from the Canada Social Forum as well as visitors to the museum.

As the work progressed, the completed blankets were installed on a lovely heritage bed from the museum's collection, in the museum's lobby. I used the growing pile to consider our culture's relationship to social capital and poverty.

After the event was over, the completed blankets were then put to use at the Women's Shelter and through MCC Canada's international distribution programs.

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